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Team Forrest 2 by dodgyrommer Team Forrest 2 by dodgyrommer
Edit: Wow, thanks for such an overwhelming response!

:iconsoldierplz::iconsaysplz: And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a''zoo'!

See the blue version here! - [link]

At first I was going to draw female versions of the characters -- realistic ones, not making them into supermodel-looking types you see everywhere. But I suck at drawing females.

So I had this different idea at school the other day. I'm sure something like this has been done before. It itched at my mind so much I had to draw it, so I guess it's just a personal fun piece for me. So yeah, here you have it. Team Forrest 2. It was good practice drawing animals I don't normally draw. I put in some surprise details you can look for.

So here's the roster!

Squout (Squirrel Scout) - Scout's movements are very quick and jittery. He reminded me of a squirrel. I bet squirrels have the attitudes of scouts too. Bonkin' people n stuff.
Demosheep - Just think about it... :iconteheplz:
Heavy Bear - 'Cause Russian Bears are awesome.
Stinky Pyro - I had a hard time coming up for this one. Then it just came to me. He sprays his stink on people which acts like Pyro's fire. And yes I do associate pyros with maniacs. ;P
Eagle Soldier - That one was kind of easy to determine. Haha.
Sly Spy - At first he was a snake. But the way I drew it looked really weird. I associate foxes as sneaky critters.
Engineever - This one amuses me the most. At first I didn't draw his sentry, but before coloring I dropped it in. Probably my favorite.
Sniper Kangaroo - Ah yes, sorry Aussies, I couldn't resist drawing a pissed off kangaroo. I don't think I've ever drawn a roo before.
Medic Dove - This one was probably the most difficult to think up, until I remembered that Medic kept doves. And they remind me of cleanliness, grace, all that stuff.

Feel free to use any of these for any NON-PROFIT stuff. Like blogs, sprays, icons, I don't mind. I'll be uploading the individual characters with white backgrounds to use pretty soon.

Questions and stuff.

-"What did you use to draw this?"
All of it was drawn in Photoshop CS5.1 with a bamboo tablet.
-"How long did this take you?"
Maybe around 20 hours?
-"How were you able to change the colors from red to blue?"
Made 2 separate layers on top of the original character's color layers just for the red/blue parts.

In fact you can pretty much watch the whole thing being drawn at

-"Where's the announcer?"
Where she always is.
-"Why is Sniper a kangaroo in a forest?"
and no one questioned Winnie the Pooh...
-"Spy should have been a chameleon!"
It's a forest.
-"Why doesn't Soldier have a weapon?"
I liked the loser salute better.
-"You drew (insert character's name here)'s (insert weapon here/article of clothing) wrong."
-"Male kangaroos don't have pouches."
I'm aware of that. I added it for comedic effect. In the sketch, he didn't have one haha.
-"Why are their noses weird colors?"
It's what I do! =D
-"This has been done before!!!"
I'm sorry I didn't know I wasn't allowed to draw animal versions of things.
-"Are you a furry?"
I'm a fan of cartoon animals. Does that count as one?
-"Omg draw Spyfox and SquirrelScout's Mom yiff."
No thanks. Maybe for $100
-"You spelled Forest wrong."
I wanted to have the double s thing in the logo, but Foresst looked weird to me. I totally forgot about Forrest Gump. Derp. I probably would've changed it if the people watching this being drawn pointed it out. OH WELL! More nonsense is best nonsense.
-"Why aren't all of their weapons made of wood?"
Because you touch yourself at night.

Parody by me (A.Jolitz), original human characters (C) Valve
Add me on steam if you have TF2 or L4D2 - my username is dodgyrommer
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